People Focused Presentations Workshop

Want to put the People back into your Presentations?

If you and your colleagues want to develop the skills that will ensure you present more effectively to large or small audiences then this one-day in-house workshop is for YOU!

Are your presentations leaving your audience like this?

Are you presentation leaving your audience like this?

Then have we got something special for YOU!

During this exciting NEW workshop for your company you'll learn how to:

  • prepare properly for your presentations;
  • welcome people to your meeting or event with style;
  • introduce speakers / guests / performers with added interest;
  • wrap-up and close a session with ease;
  • conduct Q & A time without being hi-jacked by the audience;
  • engage your audience through good eye-contact & non-verbal skills;
  • use your voice effectively - projection, tone, pitch, volume, pace & pronunciations - with or without a microphone;
  • really listen & respond to questions;
  • summarise what has just been said in your own words.

Imagine leading an event or meeting in such a way that everyone is enthralled! What if you could speak using a tone that people found persuasive and easy on the ear? Wouldn't it be great if you could learn to speak confidently to your audience and really engage them?

Well now YOU can!

Whether you host large corporate events or small meetings in your company boardroom you owe it to yourself to invest in the skills your boss expects of you – your ability to present well to others!

What if every time you present to others, the communication is clear, to the point and effortless?

You'll be amazed at how much more effectively you'll achieve your business goals, when your presentation style is both interesting & intriguing.

Take this opportunity to learn a new skill that will give you a clear edge over your competitors.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to really improve the way that you and your colleagues present.

Here's what one client had to say after he and his colleagues attended the People Focused Presentations Workshop recently:

Among many trainers whom we have worked with, Paul is by far the most engaging and inspirational. Instead of just being conceptual, like many other available tools out there, the techniques taught in his course can actually be put into good use to strengthen one's ability to communicate. I would strongly recommend Paul to people who are serious in improving their skills to convey good thoughts.Ng Tian Wee
Regional Marketing Director
Mundipharma Pte Ltd

When you register below for the People Focused Presentation Skills Workshop you'll receive an invitation to meet-up and then together let's create a training experience that will improve your ability to present with greater confidence and class.

Don't waste any more money on workshops that leave you with ideas but still needing practical time to perfect your skills – register today and start putting the People back into your Presentations!

At the Paul Carr Consultancy we believe in providing confidence based on skills at an affordable price. Isn't it time you finally did something about your company's ordinary presentations and stopped promising yourself you'll do something about them next year?

We want to put the focus on YOU! On improving YOUR skills to write, present and speak. Whether it's for a small or large group. We'll even video your ability to present and offer you professional tips and feedback on how to improve - on the spot!

Whether you present

Whether you present

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Whether you present

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Whether you present

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Whether you present

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You'll be amazed at how much more influential and successful you're presentations can be as a result of this one-day workshop.

Register now in the space below and we’ll be in touch real soon to start learning how we can tailor a People Focused Presentation Workshop that best meets your company’s needs and budget

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