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10 Tips for Successful Media Interviews

Much like other presentations, a media interview can seem straightforward on the surface, and good interviewees can make it seem easy. But as a former editor and a current corporate spokesperson, I assure you—an engaging, comfortable interview can take prep and practice. Here are 10 tips for a successful media interview:

Source: Ingram Micro | The VAR Guy Blog | 10th Jun 2014

What is the BEST time of day to post on social networks? WHO CARES.

The big idea, that you should be asking about is How To Create Amazing Content That People Actually Like. This is 95% of the success on social media. Great content. Sharing stuff that your audience is interested in seeing.

Source: Krista Neher | Boot Camp Digital | 5th May 2014

Media case study: Why did our TTCriders Sardine Awards campaign get so much media?

The media likes novelty: mock awards are not common. The media likes events, and we were planning on organizing an event to deliver the award. The media -- especially TV -- likes visuals, and the photos coming in from TTC users provided that. Not surprisingly, TV liked our story more than print media. Aside from the Toronto Sun, the print media left us alone.

Source: Jessica Bell | | 7th April 2014

A Eulogy for Twitter

We've been trying to figure out the moment Twitter turned, retracing tweets to see whether there was something specific that soured the platform. Something is wrong on Twitter. And people are noticing. Or, at least, the kind of people we hang around with on Twitter are noticing.

Source: ADRIENNE LAFRANCE and ROBINSON MEYER | The Atlantic | 30th April 2014