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Has Jeremy Corbyn changed the art of political interviewing?

"The thing about him is he's just authentic ... he knows so much about his subject. It's effective because people can see it's genuine ... he just answers the question. I think the broadcasters have been kind of unhinged by it."

Source: Tara Conlan | The Guardian | 4th October 2015

How to cope with difficult questions from the media

Chris Jameson, co-founder of the media training company Inside Edge, said he'd told delegates that if their charity was found to be engaging in fundraising malpractice, their best option was to face up to this and not to shy away from journalists' questions. "That sort of evasion will guarantee spokespeople a hard time on air," he said.

Source: Susannah Birkwood | Third Sector | 1st October 2015

How to Get the Media to Call You

SYDNEY: The media is a powerful platform that can be used to share your story and expertise. They can help you to build a positive reputation and solid credibility for yourself and your brand. However, getting journalists to call you for an interview isn't easy.

Source: Catriona Pollard | Huffington Post | 22nd September 2015

Want to be a Successful TEDx Speaker? Here's How

Regardless of whether you intend to speak on a TEDx stage, the guidelines that shape the tone, style, and overall content of each TEDx talk can be used for any presentation. Check out a few of them below.

Source: Leslie Belknap | Slideshare | 8th September 2015

How to Close Your Speech With Power

Your speech is going great. You've opened with a bang and have hit all your key points. As you look out at the audience, they are on the edge of their seats; they're nodding, and engrossed with every word that you say. You're about out of time, and you need to wrap it up. So you say: - "Who has questions for me?" - "Well, that's all I have for you." - "Thanks for your time." - "Buy my stuff." If you ended your presentation with one of these statements before, then you've blown your close.

Source: Dr. Michelle Mazur | Slide Share | 12th August 2015

3 Proven Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get Media Exposure

Media exposure can elevate you and your business to new levels. It puts your message in front of a larger audience in a way that is more educational than an advertisement and establishes you as an expert and thought leader in your industry. So how do you get these media-exposure opportunities? Here are three proven ways.

Source: Matthew Toren | | 4th September 2015

9 Things You Need to Immediately Stop Doing on Facebook

VIRGINIA: Facebook's offers brands awesome power to connect with their customers. But, as with great power in any context, sometimes that power is abused. What are the biggest sins in Facebook etiquette?

Source: Sarah Snow | Social Media Today | 24th July 2015

How Long Does It Take for Social Media Marketing to Start Paying Off?

You've got your Twitter account going and you've made a few good jokes. You've garnered a few followers on Facebook. Every day, you put a little time into yours social channels. How long until you start seeing some actual sales or conversions?

Source: Sarah Snow | Social Media Today | 21st September 2015

The 5 Biggest Social Media Trends of 2015

A new infographic titled “The State of the Internet 2015: Social Media Trends” from MDG Advertising details everything you need to know to help you make smarter marketing decisions.

Source: Irfan Ahmad | 25th September 2015 | Social Media Today