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12 PR Tips for Working with Media

There is no shortage of advice in communications regarding how to deal with the media, although, as we often see on the news, people tend to forget the fundamentals. Per our Facebook page, PR News readers shared some of the best advice they have received in dealing with the media.

Source: Richard Brownell | PR News | 10th January 2014

Red Cross offers key lessons in crisis communications

Every day, the American Red Cross faces crises big and small that the organization's public relations team responds to with a strategy that relies heavily on social media.

Source: Steve Prosinski | PR Daily | 16th January 2014

The best and worst media errors and corrections in 2013

Error of the Year: ’60 Minutes’ Benghazi report. As is often the case with Error of the Year, the award is given partly because of the mistake itself, and partly because of the mistake’s fallout.

Source: Craig Silverman | | 2nd January 2014

Great Interview Techniques to Help Get Great Content Fodder

But now the media is unremitting and constant. As soon as someone says something clumsy, foolish or insensitive, it can be all over the world within minutes. Social media has transformed the way in which journalists operate, and given them a potentially huge audience, delivered instantly.

Source: Vivienne Egan | Business2Community | 25th November 2013

Why Everyone Will Totally Read This Column - A Gawker Editor Tells How He Picks 'Viral' Content Readers Can't Resist Sharing

NEW YORK: Neetzan Zimmerman doesn't like to be called a machine. That word implies something cold and inhuman about how he works, and Mr. Zimmerman believes that what makes him so good at his job is precisely the opposite sensibility: Unlike a computer, he understands the emotions that might compel a human being to click on something online. Mr. Zimmerman is a 32-year-old editor at the news-and-entertainment site Gawker, where he's responsible for posting "viral" content—videos, photos, crazy local news stories...

Source: Farhad Manjoo | The Wall St Journal | 1st December 2013

3 Quick Tips to Better Press Releases

There are more ways than ever to reach your stakeholders. However, there is still one PR tool that trumps all others—writing. Writing is a skill that takes time to develop. The more you write, the better you write.

Source: Caysey Welton | PR News | 26th November 2013

IAC Confirms Firing of PR Exec Justine Sacco

Internet company IAC has fired Justine Sacco, its senior director of corporate communications, after she posted an offensive tweet on Friday night "The offensive comment does not reflect the views and values of IAC," a company spokesperson told Mashable on Saturday. "We take this issue very seriously, and we have parted ways with the employee in question."

Source: Adario Strange | Mashable | 22nd December 2013

Virgin's 'complete screw up' on Mandela

SYDNEY: As news broke of Nelson Mandela's death, Virgin Active Australia launched a 'premeditated, complete screw up' on their Facebook page, says marketing expert.

Source: Staff Writer | SMH.COM.AU | 6th December 2013