What is media management training?

Reacting effectively to a crisis

Improving your ability to communicate to the media effectively in REACTION to a crisis.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had:

  • The Confidence to Face the Press
  • Media Messages that Protect You
  • Formulas for Media Success
  • The Ability to Answer Questions Without Getting Into More Trouble
  • The Skills to Manage the Media Rather Than The Media Managing You

Promoting yourself in a creative way

Improving your ability to PROMOTE yourself, products, company or events to the media without spending money on advertising.

Imagine if you knew how to:

  • Write Copy that Journalists Noticed
  • Pitch Your Story So That it’s Published or Broadcast
  • Use ‘Hooks’ that the Media Responds to
  • Make Your Story ‘News’
  • Promote Yourself Effectively in an Economic Recession

The majority of Paul Carr’s Coaching / Training Programs are conducted in-house for Corporations, Government Agencies or Individuals.

Upcoming Media Management Training Courses

Upcoming Media Management Training course are available in Singapore through the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM):

Find out more about the courses from the SIM website.

Media Management – Promoting

Media Management – Reacting

In-House Media Training

Contact us to find out more about the different in-house media related training courses available.

Please do drop us a note to enquire about Paul’s availability to help train you and your staff in how to manage the media.